My new book “Bitcoin Nation” was published on the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin Whitepaper, October 31, 2023. You can read it below, one chapter per week. Or buy it here.


Regardless which of our society’s problems, you mention, Bitcoin maximalists respond with: “Bitcoin fixes this.”

This statement is often ridiculed by so-called “pre-coiners” (people who are not yet convinced by Bitcoin), and every so often Bitcoin enthusiasts are dismissed as crackpots, or Bitcoin is referred to as a “religion.”

For several years now, I have considered myself part of the circle of Bitcoin maximalists (people who see Bitcoin as more than just a cryptocurrency). In this book, I want to defend the thesis “Bitcoin fixes this.” with solid arguments.

More precisely, I will attempt to show that there are only two categories for the pressing problems of our time:

Bitcoin fixes this.
Only through Bitcoin can one begin to fix this.

This book is aimed at people with little or no economic background. The first part focuses on didactic aspects, while the scientific character takes a back seat. In the second part of this book, after having established a solid foundation, I want to provide even other Bitcoin maximalists with some food for thought.

Without giving too much away, in the latter half of this work we will discuss how a state built on Bitcoin could look like and whether such a “state” truly still deserves to be called a state.